You find a mysterious diary... it's from the future! And things in the future don't look so great. But maybe... just maybe... there's something you can do to help.

In this visual novel, explore the future with Mira and see what you can do to change the world.

The “Mira of the Future” Team

Concept:               Kerstin Kliepan
Development:    Sandeep Sthapit
Graphics:              Susanne Braun           
                                    Simone Dietsche
Text:                         Kate McCane           
                                    Ummi A. Yakubu

Research and
Support:                 Dante Perez           
                                     Sohrab Noorsalehi-Garakani
Game Design:    Team effort

Soundtrack:         “Enigmatic” from


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Really sweet and raises awareness 10/10

wow, nice concept.